With the sole purpose of offering premium products for our customers, we have strengthened hundreds of cities and thousands of buildings and houses around the Island. Give your construction a reliable strength choosing from our extensive range of sustainable steel products that are environmentally-friendly and cost-effective.



Technical expertise

MELWA embraces the different skills in this changing market and comprises of a team of experts that allows customers to consult in purchasing the most suitable product for their needs. Engineers are made available for site visits for technical assistance and consultation.

Product customization

MELWA goes above and beyond in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction with the availability of product customization in terms of lengths and bar bending.

Integrated system

MELWA practices internationally acclaimed quality and safety standards as well as work practices throughout its processes. This is reflected in the achievement of OHSAS 18001 occupational, health, and safety management system. Sourcing of high-quality Rebars, which is cut to special lengths and bent in site on customer requirements, are monitored and tracked with advanced technological systems, enhancing customer needs.

Lab Testing

MELWA provides extra quality assurance through independent lab testing followed by a free delivery islandwide. Along with shorter lead time to manufacture and supply.


The strong vision, passion, and drive for excellence along with technical expertise is portrayed today in MELWA’S state of the art facilities covered over 50 acres in the suburbs of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The first of its kind to be introduced in Sri Lanka with the latest technology and fully automated facility to establish superior quality across its wide range of products. In keeping up with the demand of the aggressive market, a second completely automated mill was established in 2016 which houses the brand’s most significant product – the MELWA-QST Steel Rebars. 2018 saw the establishment of the finest in Sri Lanka – the Danieli /Italy, recognized as the world’s premium equipment producer in the industry.

Which has doubled the manufacturing capacity with 100% efficiency. The production mills exceed market expectations with excess production to supply for the export market, making it one of the few in the Asian region to contribute to the South Asian construction development industry.

Continuous enhancements on the facilities through innovation will see increased operational efficiency, increasing production volumes, and improved product quality through the entire process to spearhead the international markets.





Overhead cranes equipped with lifting magnets for material handling. 

Manpower involvement in material handling has always been a risky affair. To eliminate this we came up with lifting magnets, which helps to load and unload materials without human involvement. Through this, we have been able to reduce the process cycle time and prevent damages in loading and unloading activities.

Automatic temperature controlled burners (Danieli- Italy) 

The implementation of auto-controlled burners has enabled us to do save on the production cost and also eliminate excessive combustion of furnace oil. Also, this has allowed us to reduce the size of the furnace.

Horizontal-Vertical Stand arrangement for rolling 

Coming out from the conventional rolling system, the company decided to install horizontal-vertical stands for rolling (Danieli- Italy). With this smooth rolling system, we were able to develop the shaping process, And to maximize the quality standards.



Multi-Slitting technology 

As an organization, MELWA initially accommodates the multi-slitting technology rolling process in Sri Lanka (Danieli- Italy). Through this, the company was able to increase production without increasing the mill speed or any other factors. By this technology we do 2 slits for I 2nim, 3 slit for I Omnn, and 4 slit for 08mm bars.

Automatic Bar counter 

MELWA installed an automatic bar counter at the finishing area to count the finished bars. This has enabled us to reduce the cycle time of the process. This bar counter comes with a Swedish technology that uses laser technology to count the bars.

Automatic bundling machine 

The automatic bundling machine is the first of its kind in SriLanka.This machine is originated in Sweden and has helped us to reduce the cycle time in the material finishing area.