Educative Workshop for Masons

Melwire Rolling (Pvt) is a solely Sri Lankan owned company and the company is fully committed to educate and train all individuals who are involved in the construction industry, including training on the application of technology used in the manufacturing process as well as the quality of reinforcement steel used in constructions.  Melwire also takes it upon themselves as a responsibility to contribute to the development of the country and as such, the company has taken up the initiative to conduct educative workshop for masons.


At Melwire, we as a team believe our passion is not only dependant on the market response and sales we’ve scored but also on the contribution that we make on improving the society around us. Even as our line of products are aimed at developing the economy of Sri Lanka, our aspirations together with our CSR projects, are aimed at developing the social wellbeing of the country.


Melwire strongly believes that every individual involved in the construction industry needs to be properly educated on the knowledge and technology regarding the proper usage of reinforcement steel in a construction.  The last in line for using steel in the construction is the mason and that is why Melwire has taken an initiative to conduct educative workshops for mason in pre-identified locations on a monthly basis and will continue to areas throughout the country.


The masons who have already participated in these workshops have benefited greatly by advancing their knowledge as well as their skills on the proper use of reinforcement steel. The workshops also educated masons on the advantages and disadvantages between QST and TMT.


Melwire has unmistakably understood the pressing need to educate everyone involved in the construction industry of the mechanics in the manufacturing process of steel and its quality. These workshops conducted by Melwire are aimed at these individuals so that they could be confident of the quality of steel and improve their knowledge of the products they use in their construction work.