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27 Nov 2019

CECB SYMPOSIUM AT GALLE FACE HOTEL COLOMBO, SPONSORED BY MELWA CECB has operated as a government corporation since its inception and are primarily involved in providing engineering consultancy, construction and related services.   The symposium presented many papers related to their projects.  The purpose behind this symposium was to share the engineering excellence gained by CECB […]

14 Jul 2018
MELWA Sponsored the 28th Annual General Meeting of National Construction Association of Sri Lanka

MELWA Sponsored the 28th Annual General Meeting of National Construction Association of Sri Lanka, which was held on the 30th June 2018 at the Golden Crown Hotel, Kandy.  

16 Oct 2014
Milestones in Melwire Group’s Legacy

Melwire being the undoubted market leader in the steel industry with a strong desire and passion for setting up the best standards has demonstrated its colors to the society through the many tributes and acknowledgments received. Melwire has been awarded with ISO 9001, SLS, BS4449 and Green Building certifications keeping up with the highest quality […]

09 Oct 2014
Sri Lankan Infrastructural Development is On a Roll

Infrastructural development in Sri Lanka is taking place at a rapid speed. The country is witnessing steady development in various sectors which is improving the financial sector and also the lifestyle of the Sri Lanka residents. According to the Asian Development Bank working closely with the Sri Lankan government, “Sri Lanka’s social indicators are among […]

07 Oct 2014
Melwire Group of Sri Lanka – The Steel Giant with a Global Presence

Melwire Group is the undoubted leader in the steel industry in Sri Lanka. Carrying forward a legacy of 15 years, Melwire Group has several feathers of achievement in its hat. Established in 2002, Melwire Group is a family owned venture which has contributed largely in shaping the Sri Lankan economy. Before Melwire was established, the […]

13 Sep 2014
Hoops Of Steel

When we see a building, we automatically assume it to be safe. But engineering wizards will tell you that the safety of a building depends mainly on its construction. Other dangers from within a building are secondary and it is imperative that a building ought to stand on its own when it comes to safety. […]

20 Jun 2014

11TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS” – MELWIRE ROLLING (PVT.) LTD. Melwire Rolling (Pvt.) Ltd. proudly being the only 100% Sri Lankan owned Company in the country for eleven yearscelebrated this momentous event with its Customers, Clients, and many distinguished guests within the trade on Friday, the 20th of June 2014 at the Colombo Hilton Hotel with […]

02 Jun 2014
Sponsor for IESL Awards 2014

MELWA was proud to sponsor the IESL Engineering Excellence Awards 2014. Pictured herein is the Director of MELWA Group handing over the cheque of sponsorship at the press conference held at Kingsbury Hotel on 28th April 2014. Melwire Rolling (Pvt) Ltd. being a 100% Sri Lankan owned enterprise is committed to support and encourage individuals, […]